Hands touching frosted glass. Conceptual scream for helpToday I was given a practical lesson in stuckness, acceptance and flow.

I left home at 5.30 this morning to head to Brussels to be interviewed by the wonderful and truly inspiring Lilou Macé as part of her Juicy Living Tour 2014.

I had in my head that we were going to talk about getting unstuck, getting in flow and making the right things happen. And then it all went wrong…

My interview was at 2.30pm and my train was scheduled to arrive in Brussels at 12.05pm, plenty of time to arrive in the right frame of mind.

12.00 the train stops just outside Brussels with an electrical fault on the line. We were stuck… No problem I thought, lots of time. After 2 ½ very very hot hours on a train with no power, lights, cooling or air we were very slowly towed into Brussels station, just as my interview was meant to begin.

I jumped into a taxi whilst apologising to Lilou on the phone, and then I hit a Sunday traffic jam from hell. The lovely taxi driver, sensing I was late got hotter and more and more stressed as every light turned red, every road was blocked and enormous lorry proceeded to pull out in front of us and very very slowly turned around.

After 40 minutes into what was meant to be a 10-minute journey we both started to laugh at the ridiculous set of events that were still unfolding in front of us. From from broken down cars to ladies slowly pushing prams in front of us to a small dog standing in the middle of the road looking at us, it just got more and more bizarre.

When I eventually arrived at just after 3.15 Lilou explained she had to leave to catch a plane at 4pm and we’d just be able to squeeze in a quick interview, we talked very briefly and set off on a wing and a prayer.

So… was it my best interview? No. Did we plan what we were going to talk about properly? No. But the conversation flowed, Lilou was just wonderful… and right at the end we talked about some really important things, and it was as it was.

A lesson in recognising that flow is an internal state and not an external gift and sometimes stuff gets in the way. I did my best!

And how was my journey home? Smooth and easy