worried people

We often think of illness as the body’s failure to do something, whereas in reality it is more often than not a process of obstruction, blockage or over production.

The ‘Big Three’… Heart disease, cancers or strokes aren’t based on a weakening of the system but something blocking or getting stuck in an unhealthy pathway.

What causes the system to become stuck?

The common one is stress, and if you’re looking at stress in the ‘world of work’ it’s middle management that takes the brunt of this.

They’re being squeezed from above and pressured from below.

If you’re at the top you have different pressures, but often they are in your control and they don’t tend to create stagnation (unless you’ve been promoted above your competencies) and if you’re in the lower rungs then you leave your work when you head off home.

For middle management it’s different, they’re stuck in the middle with no where to go. It’s important if you’re in that position to keep a perspective, and the best way to do that is to recognise what really matters!

And how do you do that? Take a break!

As for Entrepreneurs, that’s a whole different story as to what leads to stress and stagnation, and that’s why we do what we do at the Five Institute.

What’s your stress as an Entrepreneur?