One of the key aspects to Self-Mastery is the art of Self-Governance

How you run yourself and your life.

So what’s it going to be?

A free flowing democracy, a senate of elders, a collective, anarchy or a dictatorship?

What’s your style?

Are you going to rule yourself with a rod of iron, or are you going to let the anarchists in?

Doing what you want, when you want… chasing one interest after the other.

Well some of that depends on your Five Energy Dynamics profile

Different Energy types have certain preferred styles of self-governance,
and running businesses for that matter.

Each of the Energies predisposes you to behave in a certain way of being and running your own empire.

So why is that useful to know?

Well… because your preferred style may not suit every situation, and it may be getting in your way.

Awareness and Conscious Action is the key.

For true Self-Mastery you need to make a choice in every situation as to how you should rule you own empire, internally and externally for the greater good and benefit of all concerned.

And not always following your normal pattern.

And sometimes, however unnatural that feels, that means being a dictator…

Switching off the emails, controlling your thoughts and temptations and ruling your actions with a rod of steel, getting things done because you are in control and nothing else is allowed.

Wood Energy style of action

So if you want to get something done, think about having a dictatorship for the afternoon!

As ever… Nick

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