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If Donald Duck was to take The Vitality Test what would what would that tell us about him?

And how would that explain his bad temper and grumpy behaviour.

Donald Duck was born in the great depression and in the early cartoons he was portrayed as the poor hard done to victim that the big guys were trying to put down or control. He was often doing works he hates or resents.

Donald also had three nephews in the cartoons: Huey, Dewey, and Louie. He would often be trying to control, and sometimes be really mean to them.

This is the first big clue about his Five Energy Dynamic, the ancient Chinese way to understand your personality.

Wood Types can be victims but they can be persecutors.

And we see that playing out in lots of his cartoons.

Often this Wood Energy trait appears when someone is under stress.

This victim, persecutor and temper runs through most Donald Duck cartoons.

As the animator Fred Spencer has put it:

“The Duck gets a big kick out of imposing on other people or annoying them, but he immediately loses his temper when the tables are turned. In other words, he can dish it out, but he can’t take it”

Five Energy Dynamics is a powerful way to understand and predict how someone will respond under stress and what makes them stressed.

Wood types hate to be trapped.

With Donald we are seeing him behaving as a victim or persecutor because he is under stress and trapped doing something he hates or resents.

Poor old Donald!

Wood types can have issues around being angry or a bad temper.

The other thing Donald Duck was well known for was his irritability and temper, which again is a Wood Energy trait, and again appears when someone is under stress, especially if things are not going their way or if they are trapped in a certain situation.

Wood types can be very easy going people.

Donald Duck was constantly wanting to be extremely laid back and relaxed about things, the other side Wood Energy.

Wood types can be extremely relaxed, easy going and very laid back about things but only up to a point.

Think of how flexible and bendy wood can be in nature. But try to make it bend too far and SNAP!

We see this relaxed and then snapping nature with Donald.

Wood types don’t like to be pushed around.

The world had a habit of pushing this poor Duck around. Poking him until he lost it in a fit of temper and anger.

Don’t try to push a Wood Energy type, they won’t like it, and they won’t like it if they see you pushing other people around either!

Wood types feel bad about being cross.

Donald would always feel bad about being cross and loosing his temper.

That’s a typical Wood Energy trait too, feeling sorry for loosing control.

Wood type are inventive and love a plan.

And then there was his inventions, or his plans.

In a lot of the cartoons Donald Duck would often be working away at something, some grand invention, idea or plan.

Wood type are stubborn and determined.

And then something like a chipmunk would try and stop him, but he wouldn’t give up no matter what happened.

Oops there’s that Wood Energy bad temper again!

But then the situation would always end in the same way… with him loosing his temper and control in a fit of quacking.

Are there any of the other Five Energies in his personality profile?

Fire Energy?

Well I don’t think he was a great communicator! Far too much quacking!

Earth Energy?

I don’t think he was very understanding or a team player.

Metal Energy?

He wasn’t really looking for what is missing or efficient ways to do things.

Water Energy?

He wasn’t fearful, but he was fearless at times, but that was normally when he was about invent something, again a Wood Energy trait.

He was a slight reflective dreamer but only when he was try to relax and unwind from all the things that were trying to annoy him, which a Wood Energy thing to do. So even though we can see what appear to be Water Energy traits it’s just more of his Wood Energy at work!

Donald didn’t take The Vitality Test but his Five Energy Dynamic profile is clear to see.

It’s clear Donald Duck is a dominant Wood Energy Personality, but a bad tempered one!

So on to the burning question of the day…

Why was he so bad tempered and grumpy?

Donald Duck’s main problem was that in the early years and cartoons he was rarely doing what he loved. He was working for some task-master or doing something that was a chore. That blocked his normal flowing Wood Energy and made him grumpy. He was forged in the great depression and that was his character from then on.

If you have lots of Wood Energy in your profile, don’t get trapped in something that you don’t like, or you’ll end up grumpy!

If you don’t know your Energy Type take The Vitality Test. It’s free and fun…