Struggling to change I’d spent quite a time over the last six months working with a client, clearing stuff out. They had too many ideas, unfinished projects and chaos.

Typical of someone with lots of Wood Energy, when they’re out of control and taking their creativity too far.

The problem was however much reality told him that doing and starting too many things all at once wasn’t the way to succeed. And was the path to failure. His feelings told him something different and he couldn’t stop himself.

His Wood Energy gave him the feeling that following every thought and new creative idea was ok, it didn’t feel chaotic and unproductive, it was exciting and an expression of his dynamic power.

However much logic and the facts told him one thing… it was too chaotic and he was doing too much. His sense and feelings from his Five Energy Dynamic told him something different, he could deal with the overwhelm.

So he battled to take consistent action and clear the unproductive chaos.

Then along comes spring in the UK.

Spring is associated with the Wood Energy, an explosive time of new growth, activity and rapid expansion. It can all get a bit chaotic.

Suddenly, it was easy.

This double whammy of his Wood Energy and the Wood Energy of the season was too much for him and his feelings changed.

Every part of his being felt overwhelmed. Suddenly his life felt too chaotic, active and out of control as spring exploded outside.

So in the space of 2 weeks we cleared, shelved and let go of projects that were never going to make him rich, happy or successful. They were just another great idea.

There are 2 lessons here

1. You may see the logic and know the facts but if your Energy makes you feel ok about it, then it’s hard to take consistent action or make a change. Change your Energy and it’ll be easier.

2. If you understand the Five Energy Dynamic matrix then it’s easy to see what to do when, going with the flow and not against it.