reducing stress in organisational change When you are creating change in an organisation, you can’t assume everyone has the same needs or will have the same response. Plus you always need to keep new stress to a minimum!

How can you recognise and predict an individuals likely response, meet their needs and reduce their stress?

This is where the Vitality Test™ comes in…

The Vitality Test™ measures your unique balance of five distinct Energies as identified by the ancient Chinese; it’s your inner Energy blueprint and determines how you see and respond to the world.

We refer to this balance of Energies as your Five Energy Dynamic profile.

As well as determining how you see and respond to the world your dominant Energy gives you an Unanswered Question.

A specific question you constantly need to know the answer to.

When you are under stress your Unanswered Question is nearer the surface and becomes more important to you.

The Unanswered Question for each Energy type is…

Am I safe or is it safe (Water types)
Am I free or do I feel trapped (Wood types)
Am I loved or appreciated (Fire types)
Do I understand or am I understood (Earth types)
What’s missing or incomplete (Metal types)

The bigger the change within an organisation or community the more stress there is and the more important these Unanswered Questions become.

So make sure you answer the Unanswered Questions for the Energy types in your team when you’re doing any major change with in the workplace, if you don’t you’ll loose them in the process or put them under more stress.

Never good!

To find out your Energy type and your Unanswered Question take The Vitality Test™

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