waves 6BIG excitement as my pasty white UK body hits the perfect South African beach for a bit boarding

But straight away my heart sank…
the waves are rubbish!

What a disappointment.

So what to do?

I thought… I’ve got 3 choices

1. Move on and search for better waves on a different beach?
2. Head to the bar?
3. Make the most of it and see what happens?

As I stood there looking at the calm sea, I thought this is like business.

Sometimes the external environment isn’t flowing your way
and you’ve got 3 choices.

1. Try and find a better place to make money
2. Give up and wait for a better time
3. Or make the most of what you’ve got and play it smart.

So I plunged into the water and had a great time

We laughed with the children, hit the odd good wave and I met someone who wants to use the free Five Energy Dynamics profile system to find themselves a perfect new PA.

Top Result…

The Five Lessons:

1. Make the effort to get somewhere special
2. Commit to your purpose
3. Remain flexible and positive
4. Make the most of how it turns out
5. Make a difference