IMG_2057Much of the wisdom about the Five Energies came from the ancient Chinese observing nature. They used nature to explain and understand the world.

Yesterday I worked with a client and used nature to explain why they needed to especially mindful about assessing the likely success of their new venture.

When a seed sprouts, timing, location and the environment are crucial. If it gets it wrong then it’s game over. Too early and it’ll be caught be a frost, too late and the competition is too strong.

A bulb has a second chance, if it blows it one season, then it’ll have enough reserves to have a second go next year, but its reserves are limited.

A tree can get it wrong year after year, if the blossom gets caught in a frost the tree doesn’t die, it just doesn’t bear any fruit. But it’s still business as usual.

After I had heard this chaps new idea, I felt compelled to point out that his idea was a seed in an uncertain world. The amount of money he was borrowing and the amount of equity he was putting in meant if the business idea failed then it was game over for his main business and his family.

How many times have you watched Dragons Den and the budding Entrepreneur have their house, savings and their family’s money in a bright idea?

Wrong timing, wrong location or wrong environment and it won’t work, and they’ve lost everything.

With a lesson from nature and a little re-engineering of this chaps idea we ended up as a bulb. If it failed he’d have tested the market and learnt something, but he’d have a second or a third go and still survive.

The Five Institute is blossom, if it doesn’t work and the world isn’t interested my other businesses won’t fail. My partners and me would just have to go back to the drawing board and find another way to share this wisdom.

So try your best, push the boundaries of possibilities and expand, but know if you’re growing Seeds, Bulbs or Blossom before you start.